Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What would nature do?

Feel Calm & Cloistered

Good question? Why there is a rush to live in big cities and why there is a rush to go far away from it all when it is time to go on vacation? Duality is the beauty of life. 
We are pulled by the extreme demands of inner peace and outer hoopla. What would nature do?
The answer is relative, different for me, different for you, to find what is your answer, try connecting back to nature.
Look around you, everyone is busy with their cell phones, laptops, tablets, unfiltered emotional verbiage through IMs and Texting, instant email reply that didn’t give much chance to revise, re-evaluate the content,  abbreviations for everything, fast, quick, rush, speed…race against time? Or race against our own peaceful self?
Is there a “stop” button or “pause” button for this adrenal high-speed chase called life?  There is still sun, moon, rain, drizzle, mist, fog, birds visiting our life even while living in big cities. 
But do we have time to pause and smell the fresh air?
To look up and receive that first drop of rain on the face?  
To admire the sun’s rays weaving through the leaves of the branches and leaves of trees in the sidewalk?
River Cauvery in Coorg, Resort in Coorg, Meriyanda Nature Lodge
River Hattihole- Gurgling stream of Cauvery at Meriyanda Nature Lodge
What are we doing to nature? Ignoring it? 
We are forgetting that we are part of that nature; we depend on the ecosystems for our survival. Nature provides us clean water, food, medicines and more. Everything in the natural world is connected; all the living and non-living things need to work together.
But these systems are extremely fragile and we know that once they are gone, there are no replacements.  Not all the modern innovations and technologies in this world could manufacture the hills, mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers, and waterfalls.  Something to be created this magnificently needs supreme inspiration. What was God’s inspiration!? We humans should at the least have enough inspiration to cherish them, celebrate them and preserve them!
Meriyanda Nature Lodge is a beautiful result of such an inspiration!  Creating a resort inside nature’s envelope without disturbing the peacefully beautiful landscape is not an easy task.  Man-made Meriyanda Nature Lodge blends with its surroundings as if it is the extension of nature around and reflects the soul of its owner. 
Spend a weekend, or a week to find what nature could do to you!  Touch the water that is not running through the metal pipe, brush against the leaves that are not synthetic, inhale the fresh air that is not polluted with automobile exhaust and dust, listen to the sound of nature instead of the restless horns, and accelerators, watch the cloud’s gentle pass, and fog’s caress over the hills, let the feet feel the earth without the high heel shoes/boots, have direct one-on-one contact with nature.

 Let Nature be a part of you!

Meriyanda Coorg, A resort in Coorg Logo

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