Friday, 7 October 2016

Find Your Calm at the most amazing resort in Coorg

Meriyanda Nature Lodge- Coorg

Find Your Calm - Meriyanda, Coorg

Here is an opportunity to spend a holiday amidst the sounds of birds, smells of the forest, fresh food, and pure air. In a time when quietude is the highest luxury, our resort in Coorg offers purer kind of peace in nature’s gentle rhythms.

Unlimited Peace- Meriyanda, Coorg

A boutique resort in Coorg's hauntingly beautiful wilderness, exquisitely perched on a mountaintop, naturally protected by the River Hathi below. With charming cottages set in a gorgeous coffee estate, Meriyanda is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The moment you reach the resort, peace, and tranquillity of the place eases your stress. The estate is straight out of a picture postcard, complete with a river and a hanging bridge. If you love nature and enjoy the serenity and look forward to sharing some special moments with your loved ones and family, then Meriyanda is the place to be!
Get your "Me" time - Meriyanda, Coorg
The architecturally superior wooden luxury cottages, stilted and perched high above the ground, find a unique way to blend with nature. With individual wide decks that overlook Coorg’s evocative landscape, and large glass panels that bring the green valley, its towering trees and the coffee plantation inside your room as natural wall paper. The luxury and privacy of these cottages and the enchanting chorus of forest birds outside make this a splendid and refined haven for family getaways, honeymooners, nature lovers and anyone seeking an escape from the ordinary.

Bond with your family with riverside picnics, bonfires, barbecues, board games or just bask in the sun, gazing at the hills, watching birds on the forest walks, sauntering in the shade of the woods, luxuriating at the spa,  it might just make the bond grow even richer and the calm grow still deeper

Surreal view from your private balconies- Meriyanda, Coorg

Just outside your cottage specially designed trails let you get even closer to the sounds and smell of Coorg, so immerse and let country side take care of the rest. We offer a choice of activities and things to do at the resort to make your visit special.

Meriyanda is conceived as an eco-resort and designed to harmoniously blend in with its surroundings, preserving the natural beauty of the region, committed towards sustaining the diversity of the Coorg's natural and cultural environment.  We at Meriyanda accommodate and entertain guests in a way that is minimally intrusive to the environment. Trees were cut down at least, and cottages built around them on stilts which connects us with flora, fauna and trees in our “Nature Deficit disorder” lives.

King's Villa - Meriyanda, Coorg
So come dip your feet in the river, kindle your soul and enjoy the accelerating feeling of being in the midst of a biodiversity hot spot. 

May peace be with you - Meriyanda, Coorg

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Honeymoon at the most romantic resort in Coorg

A Romantic getaway in the Woods

Discover the magic of togetherness, may it be a wedding day in sight or your special anniversary. Romance in the woods amidst the magical nature to express your love for each other at this romantic resort in Coorg

Resort in Coorg, honeymoon at the resort in coorg, romantic resort
Your happy ending begins here

With tastefully appointed wooden cottages set within 40 acres of coffee plantation, a murmuring stream, and stunning mountain backdrop, this resort in Coorg has the perfect setting to celebrate the beginning of your endless journey of love. Discover the magic of togetherness as you savor the freshest of flavors in the privacy of your cottage or at a candle-lit table by the side of a stream. Explore the beauty of companionship at a picnic by the river

Resort in Coorg, honeymoon at the resort in coorg, romantic resort
Beautiful wooden cottages for your fairy tale romance

Enter the folds of nature, and enjoy a secluded time with just each other. Give your bond a new meaning with the songs of birds, the company of a stream, magical forest trails and breath-taking sunsets, while creating memories that last a lifetime

Resort in Coorg, honeymoon at the resort in coorg, romantic resort
Eat, Pray & Love at Meriyanda -Coorg
The wooded honeymoon in Valley view cottages and Planter’s cottages -Spend your special days in a cottage built on stilts along a cobbled lane through the woods, creating intimate privacy in a fairy tale forest. Each cottage features a spacious bedroom a stylish stone-and-wood bathroom and deck overlooking the lush green valley shared by the partridges, the quails, and the jungle fowls.

The Queen’s honeymoon in Queen’s Villa – Relish the togetherness within an enchanting villa with gracious living spaces, enjoying magical views of distant Kote Betta mountain. The villa features a king-size bedroom, a dressing room, black stone and wood bathroom, and a spacious living room that leads to a balcony overlooking the lush green valley and the mountain beyond. 

Come over, lie back, cuddle up to that special person and be inspired by the true romantic artist, mother nature

Monday, 7 March 2016

Coffee Blossoms at Coorg

Coffee Flowers, Resort in Coorg, Coffee blossoms
Coffee Blossoms Spread at Meriyanda, Coorg

Come February, the coffee harvest month in Coorg, where every soul around is connected to this annual ritual of coffee picking. And then the plantations go barren of the beans and Coorg looks like a large sleeping giant, woken up only by the mild and beautiful summer shower and hey presto! the burst of the white Lilly like coffee flowers which carpets the landscape and then suddenly it's spring time in Coorg

Coffee flowers at a resort in Coorg, at Meriyanda Coorg, Coffee blossoms in Coorg

Coffee blossoms come every year, stays only over a week and then metamorphose to Coffee beans thereafter, these magical flowers carpets entire Coorg like snowfall and smells like jasmine or Lilly. You don't really need to get closer to them to nose the perfumed flowers, there is sweet scented aroma all around and all the time and then you are transported into a mystical daydream

Coffee flowers at a resort in Coorg, at Meriyanda Coorg, Coffee blossoms in Coorg
The sweet smelling carpet of Coffee Flowers
As though so many miracles of nature were not enough, this wonder unfolds to demystify our coffee. Just by knowing the cycle of foods and beverages we consume from seed to plate, fills you with sheer joie de vivre.

Coffee flowers at a resort in Coorg, at Meriyanda Coorg, Coffee blossoms in Coorg
Blossom to soothe your senses at Meriyanda Nature Lodge, Coorg
Come enjoy this season of mystical coffee blossom at Meriyanda Coorg spread across 40 acres of coffee estate and fill your cups of contentment.