Friday, 7 October 2016

Find Your Calm at the most amazing resort in Coorg

Meriyanda Nature Lodge- Coorg

Find Your Calm - Meriyanda, Coorg

Here is an opportunity to spend a holiday amidst the sounds of birds, smells of the forest, fresh food, and pure air. In a time when quietude is the highest luxury, our resort in Coorg offers purer kind of peace in nature’s gentle rhythms.

Unlimited Peace- Meriyanda, Coorg

A boutique resort in Coorg's hauntingly beautiful wilderness, exquisitely perched on a mountaintop, naturally protected by the River Hathi below. With charming cottages set in a gorgeous coffee estate, Meriyanda is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The moment you reach the resort, peace, and tranquillity of the place eases your stress. The estate is straight out of a picture postcard, complete with a river and a hanging bridge. If you love nature and enjoy the serenity and look forward to sharing some special moments with your loved ones and family, then Meriyanda is the place to be!
Get your "Me" time - Meriyanda, Coorg
The architecturally superior wooden luxury cottages, stilted and perched high above the ground, find a unique way to blend with nature. With individual wide decks that overlook Coorg’s evocative landscape, and large glass panels that bring the green valley, its towering trees and the coffee plantation inside your room as natural wall paper. The luxury and privacy of these cottages and the enchanting chorus of forest birds outside make this a splendid and refined haven for family getaways, honeymooners, nature lovers and anyone seeking an escape from the ordinary.

Bond with your family with riverside picnics, bonfires, barbecues, board games or just bask in the sun, gazing at the hills, watching birds on the forest walks, sauntering in the shade of the woods, luxuriating at the spa,  it might just make the bond grow even richer and the calm grow still deeper

Surreal view from your private balconies- Meriyanda, Coorg

Just outside your cottage specially designed trails let you get even closer to the sounds and smell of Coorg, so immerse and let country side take care of the rest. We offer a choice of activities and things to do at the resort to make your visit special.

Meriyanda is conceived as an eco-resort and designed to harmoniously blend in with its surroundings, preserving the natural beauty of the region, committed towards sustaining the diversity of the Coorg's natural and cultural environment.  We at Meriyanda accommodate and entertain guests in a way that is minimally intrusive to the environment. Trees were cut down at least, and cottages built around them on stilts which connects us with flora, fauna and trees in our “Nature Deficit disorder” lives.

King's Villa - Meriyanda, Coorg
So come dip your feet in the river, kindle your soul and enjoy the accelerating feeling of being in the midst of a biodiversity hot spot. 

May peace be with you - Meriyanda, Coorg


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