Saturday, 3 November 2012

A destination becomes the beginning…

An untouched landscape, a bold testament to the relentless efforts of nature in displaying its best form to impress humans, the spectrum of colors boasting the hidden fresh treasures spread wherever your eyes rest – it is a challenge to resist the prowess of nature at the hills of Coorg 
Every time I come here, I marvel at the richness of pure nature, a declaration and confirmation that says, “let me be, untouched by the humans, let me show the wonders I could perform”.  All that the Western Ghats trying to protect is the profound beauty of Mother Nature’s gift. 
Landcape of Coorg, Sunset,
Various hues of Coorg
I have driven many times through the hills- to Meriyanda; the roads never looked the same. The roads, though paved and inviting the tires to explore, it is still intimidating with more secrets to unfold at every turn, every up and every down.  Like a kid about to explore a treasure toy chest, my heart always races with excitement to find new colors, new birds, hear new sounds nature could compose, watch nature’s  raw kaleidoscope performance without inhibition – to be unbound by the civilization.
I always stop countless times to capture the picturesque views, until my camera’s battery loses its juice. – Always never enough!  It is an adventure.  Once it was to capture all the different shades of the sunset, racing against the time before the sun kisses good night. Next time it was to capture the traces of the recent drizzle on leaves, and flower petals before the daylight jealously rush into night.  The desire to stop and stare after every turns on the road, as it unfolds with a new view,  gripped by the sudden urgency not to lose that surprise; a feeling you would understand when you are on the same roads I traveled.
Roads of Leading to Resort in Coorg, Meriyanda, Mist in Coorg
Mysterious Robes of Coorg
The nights are even more mesmerizing. When the daylight is gone and the moon half hidden by the possessive clouds, royally adorned by countless stars - the sight is more beautiful than you have ever seen in the night sky. Bliss is all I can say to be amidst the sights of nature and the sounds of wildlife at Coorg.  This is where my heart created the dream for Meriyanda. To share what I cherished, enjoyed and amazed…to share the nature as it is.
I could capture glimpses of the treasure abundantly filled around Meriyanda, and share them with you on our website, or blogs.  But, I could never capture the fragrance of nature, the vibrant and intoxicating smell of the jungle, blend of a coffee plantation, the oranges,  etc.  I could capture the magnificent array of trees, but I could never capture the breeze and the fresh natural air that rules the space here.   I could capture the stunning water fall, river and branches of trees almost touching the water, but I could never capture the exhilarating feeling of touching the river water with hands and feet … that kindles your soul and makes you come alive.
Accepting my failure in accomplishing to bring you the wonders of Coorg, I invite you to visit Meriyanda to complete the task undone.  Make Meriyanda your next vacation destination.  I am sure it would be the one destination for a new beginning...
From the moment you arrive at Meriyanda, an unforgettable vacation experience begins.
Meriyanda nature lodge- Coorg

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