Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Joy of receiving a postcard

I received many e-cards last week for my birthday, many more text messages, and inbox-clogging emails…

….And I also received a postcard from my aunt, who lives in this beautiful town, peacefully enjoying the most luxurious life – breathing unpolluted air, and eating the vegetables picked from her own garden.  She loves to send postcards – with her loving few lines.  When I saw that, I could sense the thoughtfulness and her sincerity in carefully penned words of love.  It is a precious gift, I felt sweetly peaceful touching something that was touched by her just a few days ago.  It was not sent in a hurry or sent electronically.  It has that personal touch that you could never feel when you receive an e-card, text or email!  I felt royally special!

When I travel, I try to send postcards to friends and family whenever I can, instead of speedy emails, and instant texting.  It takes time, but it travels through time and land to reach the recipient and carries this beautiful charm with it.  Call me old school but I don’t want to miss an opportunity to sprinkle a smile with a dash of surprise on the face of the recipients.

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Hear ye, hear ye. It is not 1970, It is 2012. Gadgets rule the world and control the way people communicate!  You could throw in your FAQs!  “Where is the time to go search for a postcard with the picture I want to send?  Where are the shops that sell postcards these days?  “Why would I want to do something old fashioned?”

Blend the past and present! Bring in the best of both worlds. With the PC you have, any picture from your digital camera, cell phone, can be made into a postcard.  You sure must have digitalized every precious memory… all those clicked and treasured magical moments from your vacation, pictured expressions of people, frozen moods of nature, captured rare action in a sporting event or an adventurous attempt….are potential candidates to become a postcard.   Make your own, buy what you like, use what is available…doesnot matter.  All you need to do is, do it with your heart.  When it is received it sure will reveal the embedded thoughtfulness of the person it came from.

How to experience the joy of receiving a postcard?  Start by sending one!  Let someone get that Midas touch and let the fun begin.

There are plenty of websites that could offer step-by-step guidelines to print your own postcards. For example

And recently I read an article that was interesting; Facebook lets you send real photos as postcards.

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